All pics are taken with a small digital camera. Like most I started with the analog camera, kodak film roll. Grandma owned a camera store when I was young.

It's a tiny hobby, using a compact pocket camera. 
A lot of pics I have posted here, on my personal fb account.

High definition pics can be found here for sale (full profit to charity) in my Etsy store

First pic I took at age 7 was a butterfly in our garden (Dalmatia)


2016 and this is how happy I get when I find treasures ^_^

(pic left and above..spring!! (it was already hot then!!) 2018) Wenn du einmal Kummer oder Sorgen hast dann geh mit offenen Augen durch den Wald, und in jedem Baum und in jedem Strauch in jedem Tier und in jeder Blume wird dir die Allmacht Gottes zum Bewusstsein kommen und dir Trost und Kraft geben!

Analog camera, sent pic to Heineken

They sent me a beautiful pen back as thanks for the picture

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