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A Soldier’s Training

The only real way to begin your journey is to know thy self. Know thy self; there is no other way that you can embark upon the road of being a warrior, and beginning the rigorous training it entails. Because there is a huge difference between loving the idea of something, and actually believing in something.

Some men train daily, eat all of the right supplements, spout the right talk of revolution, sculpture a perfect body, and attend all the right meetings. They attire themselves in the Hollywood fashion of a militant, revolutionist, and plagiarize a few propaganda pamphlets to impress others. But their real agenda is to inflate their egos, womanize potential female comrades, and try to dominate those they surround themselves with. All of which is fed by a suppressed low self-esteem, and a small mans complex; Then there are others, the unmentioned, the real soldiers. Those who also train everyday until it hurts, those who unfailingly find a way to better themselves, no matter when or where. They are those who dedicate themselves to their profession, and live their beliefs. They are those who will always get the job done, and destroy anyone who tries to halt their goals. That is the difference I mentioned. It begins with the mind. It is the thought processes that you use to help push yourself down your choosen path.

The mind is the primary focus of all training. It is absolutely imperative that you learn to control your mind, and how you think. In training and actual combat the mind is the driving force behind all that instigates you to become a better combat operator. How you process your thoughts can be a motivator or an obstacle. You must decide which element you wish to incorporate into your mentality. The untrained mind is lazy and will quit way before the body will. And it is capable of deterring you from a desired goal or action.

As previously stated, you must obtain an iron grip upon your mind. Train your mind also, just as you would train your body. With focused determination and discipline. Olympic athletes train themselves mentally, as well as physically. Most have been instructed in what lots call loosely, constructive visualization techniques. This is where an individual visualizes themselves going through the whole process of reaching their objective, in their minds; step by step, each stage in deep detail, all the way to the finish. They see his/herself competing with perfection. Executing their trained movements superbly. This is done while in a relaxed, meditative state. And this helps the mind work in sync with the body. It enhances your performance and training. The mind is prone to produce various scenarios in the beginning phases of any conflict, be it verbal or physical. Many fall prey to the rationalizations that occur, as to why they should not commit themselves to the situation that has arisen. The untrained, and the untested, tend to induce toxic self-talk that is destructive to themselves. Psychologically, as well as physically. Such negative inner dialogue subconsciously puts the habitual, trained responses into submission made.

The body responds to anxiety provoking thoughts and events with muscle tension. The tense muscles in return help increase the manifested feelings of anxiety. In other words, you will cause your body to freeze up, and you will think and react much slower. Your respiration will increase, thus increasing the risk of hyperventilation. Which in turn increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Combined with rising chemical levels in your brain, you have now allowed your mind to take complete control of your body and induce a false sense of paranoia. That is exactly one of the main reasons why we train. Why we willingly subject ourselves to mental and physical pain and fatigue. We do so comrades so that we can remove any such type of instances from the combat equation.

Not everyone is strong enough to wrestle away the control their minds have upon them. They fall victim to the fear of the unknown, and mistake it for common sense. When in fact irrational thoughts can get you killed. The dedication and training that is needed to prevail over this glitch, is commonly found in two places; high caliber athletes, and any military special services training. You can study, and adopt, any attractive assets found in either place into your training regimen. Anything can be improvised and adapted as long as you maintain a strong desire to overcome. When confronted with any type of conflict do not overanalyze the situation, and rely upon your training. Keep the equation simple, and do not overload it with senseless thoughts of paranoia. Remember, this is why we train, train and train some more.

Training is everything. Constant betterment of yourself is a virtue of the highest regard for a soldier. Our training is meant to be done repetitively until our actions and thoughts become instinct, a habit.

Your subconscious mind perceives dangers you are unaware of, and will react accordingly if undeterred. It is like a mental peripheral awareness that senses things more quickly. So remain calm, control your breathing, and adhere to your training. Conflicts and fights are nothing like you have seen on the idiot box (television). In reality there are no rules, nothing is ever choreographed, or ever refereed. The television gets people hurt with the “10 feet tall and bulletproof” mentality it inspires in the not-so-bright. The hard truth of the matter is that if you engage in an altercation, chances are you will get hurt. Now how badly, is up to you and your training. With that in mind, focus now instead upon learning to deal with the pain you will experience, and not upon avoiding it. Nobody wants to get hurt. But instead of dodging around the issue, learn to accept what pain you receive while exterminating the source of that pain. That is where proper training comes into play.

It will in able you to by pass your pain, and allow you to complete your objective. Pain is just another obstacle that you learn to overcome. My advice to anyone wishing to become a militant is this, (and if you are truly serious, you will see the benefits of such an experience); find the biggest individual you can, instigate a fight, and let him/her kick your ass. Get the fears of pain, insecurity, and adversarial size beaten out of your mind. Then use the experience as a motivator in your training. You will learn pain is bearable, it disappears, and the body heals.

Conflict, pain, and confrontation are not to be feared, only respected. But irrationality, disregard for training, and impatience are to be avoided at all costs. The intensity of the training, whatever it may happen to be, should mirror your willpower. My personal intensity reflects itself in my approach to training. I believe in training as inhumanely as I possibly can, and I repeatedly subject myself to insanity after insanity. I use my experiences to build myself into a better soldier. By inflicting such extreme mental, physical pain and fatigue upon yourself. You will not, or rarely, be surprised or caught unawares in any given situation. Thus you are not deterred from any action or decision. You must strip away delusion, and insert harsh reality. You must acquire the ability to be capable of anything at any time, regardless of the consequences.

Everything boils down to one main ingredient; discipline. Strict discipline upon the mind, body, and soul. You must control every thought or urge to the best of your ability. But we are only human. If you should fail, it is only a minor setback. Isolate the weakness, work diligently to strength the weakened area, and excise the problem. Take your training to the highest extreme possible, on all levels. Keep in mind that guerrilla warfare is unconventional in it’s application. So your training must be unconventional, and always push the limits. The more extreme you train, the more your mind and body will acclimate to such situations. And it will increase the chances of surviving such experiences in conflict or combat. Here are a few examples that may help;

* sleep deprivation; learn your limits;
* intense hot and cold training; you can improvise by utilizing a large walk-in freezer, and a sauna;
* high altitude training;
* intense physical fitness;
* urban warfare maneuvers;
* wilderness survival;
* concealment and non-movability training; learn to sit, stand, lie for hours, and days, at a time. In the most uncomfortable position, and inhumane environments;
* iron body techniques; learn to take pain;
* free-for-all sparring and fight training.

Approach your training as if it is a high-risk, live operation. Treat every session as if it will be your last. Punish your body and sweat out the pain. Never repeat your mistakes, learn from your failures, do not be consumed by them. Be a professional at all times, and learn to endure and persevere; however or whatever. You must become a student of war and learn from those who came before and left their mark. Because if you cannot discipline and motivate yourself, you sure as hell will be unable to train another.

But above all else you must gain control of your inner turmoil. Surpass the misteachings and let your morals, and God, be your driving factor. You must jump the hurdle of, remorse of action, that you have placed before yourself. You must adopt to each situation. When in doubt attack, and remove all opposition hard and fast. Never allow yourself to be stripped of your ability to defend, plan, and resist. Do not allow yourself to be reduced to fear and confusion. And remember, not all conflicts are physical in nature. Create insecurity and disorder with your enemy. Offer no understandable action or motive. Control them by conflicting their minds. Frustrate, aggravate, and harass them until they make a vital mistake, then pounce. Our primary purpose should be to become the ultimate soldier. And use our skills to offer protection to those who are weak. To become the buffer zone for the meek. And never to abuse, bully, or extort. Your skills and abilities are a priviledge not to be misused. So may God bless you and keep you, and grant strength to your sword arm. An important man once said, `The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle`.