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  • Militia Christi

Identify the tribes yourself.

  • The Israelites are God's chosen people (Deuteronomy 7:6, Matthew 15:22-24, 14:2, 18:5, Leviticus 20:24, Numbers 23:9, 1 Peter 2:9)
  • Names of the 12 tribes (Revelation 7:5-8); Juda, Reuben, Gad, Aser, Nepthalim, Manasses, Simeon, Issachar, Zabulon, Joseph, Benjamin and Levi (the priesthood tribe (Deuteronomy 21:5, Joshua 14:3))
  • God created Adam in his own image (Genesis 1:27). Visual appearance (Daniel 7:9, Revelation 7:9, 3:4-5, Revelation 19:14)? Or by fruits, God the Creator (Genesis 1:1), which tribes are inventors/creators?
  • One of the twelve tribes for sure is the Celtic tribe because in the exact place and approximate time that they vanished in the bible, is where the Celtic tribes mysteriously appeared out of thin air in Europe (history books).
  • Another one of the twelve tribes are the Croats, also the only tribe who preserved their roots 6500 years
  • All civilization started in Mesopotamia, all tribes were born here. If your tribe took part in the Great Migration (Great Migration + Exile, starting from the point that Abraham was summoned to leave Ur) it is very likely they belong to one of the twelve.
  • The 144.000 have very special qualities; Revelation 7 and 14 mention them as highly favored of God

Identified in the Bible by their own tribe name (thus not Israelites)

  • Romans (Matthew 8:5-12)
  • Ethiopians/blacks (Acts 8:26-27 specific skin color mentioned)
  • Egyptians
  • ..

Identified in the Bible as cursed tribes
(Judges 3:5-6, Obadiah 1:1-21, Isaiah 34:5, Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:13 and Genesis 6:4 (demon blood by intermarriage/intercourse - descendants of the Nephilim, fallen angels with humans))

  • Edomites and Canaanites (Khazar descendants)
  • Hittites
  • Amorites
  • Perizzites
  • Hivites
  • Jebusites

Salvation By Blood or by Faith?

  • Blood (Revelation 7:5-8) and/OR by Faith (Luke 3:7-8, 1 Corinthians 5:1, Hosea 4:6)

Once grafted in, non-Israelites by blood are spiritual Israelites, and Christ grafts them in where they fit best among the tribes. They will be sealed, redeemed, saved and receive the inheritance equally with blood Israelites if they have become spiritual Israelites. There is no difference (see story about Jesus finding great faith in a Roman soldier). They are among the 144,000 in Revelations.



Israelites or no Israelites by blood, there is no need for an ant to desire to be an elephant, each man is good in Gods sight. See ten commandments. Do not desire that which is not yours and which is not suppose to be yours. God can make his tribe out of stones if he wanted to. The Israelites are highly favored, but this will not help them in judgement day if they have turned away from God.

* I look at an ant and l see myself: a native South African, endowed by nature with a strength much greater than my size so I might cope with the weight of a racism that crushes my spirit. - Miyamoto Musashi
* I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place.
Sitting Bull (false Christians; stealing red mans land)


Jesus was the direct descendent of Kind David and therefore the rightful heir of the Israel’s kingdom throne. In I Samuel 16:12, when Samuel went to anoint David to be the new King of Israel it states, "And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy…" In Webster’s dictionary, ruddy is defined as … redness; akin to red; having a healthy reddish color. (Even Adam means to "blush" or " to show redness in the face." This identifies only one race.) Therefore King David would have been fair skinned with reddish hair. Not the typical dark Jew or Arab, as some are now being led to believe. (Some will cite Rahab  and Ruth who are counted among the genealogy of Jesus - claiming that these two women of God were not Israelites and thus additional proof that Jesus was not racially pure. Those who make this erroneous claim have been deceived into believing that the countries in which these women lived characterize their race. It does not.  Both women were Israelites and followers of Jehovah)


The vast majority of the world is ignorant of the fact that there were actually eye-witnesses and written accounts of Jesus, His earthly father Joseph, and His mother Mary. Many of these written accounts are kept in the Vatican library, which describes what Jesus and Joseph looked like. These written accounts were compiled in The Archko Volume.

In The Archko Volume, we can read where Gamaliel was sent by the Sanhedrin to interrogate Joseph and Mary in regard to the child Jesus. He says in regard to Joseph, "his hair looks as though it might have been dark auburn when young." Later, he talks about Jesus’ description. "His hair is a little more golden than hers (his mother Mary), though it is as much from sunburn as anything else… His eyes are large and soft blue, his eyebrows very large." This is a description of a people that does not represent the people we know as Jews today. This is not the description of Arabs, blacks, or any other type of people. This is the description of our ancestors – the white Europeans.

Valleus Paterculus, a Roman Historian, met and interviewed Jesus and made a report to Pilate, who in return made a report to Caesar. Paterculus states, "One day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus… His golden-colored hair and beard gave his appearance a celestial aspect… "

Lastly, as we can see, Jesus was a person who resembled a particular race of people. Only one race has blond, auburn, or red hair, with blue, green, and hazel eyes. All these characteristics identify the white race, the true Israel. However, as our nation becomes more Judiazed and non-white, no longer will our ancestors in the Bible be depicted as a reflection of us, but will be depicted as a typical dark mideastern Jew. 

The fact is Jesus Christ was a white man. He came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel as their Kinsman Redeemer. Can anyone of any race follow the teachings of Jesus Christ? Yes, but it doesn't make them kinsmen.  It doesn't give them the authority to change the historical and correct image of Jesus' white racial background into their own. And saying that Jesus Christ is white doesn't make a person an evil hater.  They are merely stating the facts.


Jewish (Khazar) or Arab Jesus? No. In the Library of Congress in Washington there is a letter preserved that was written by Pontius Pilate, to Caesar. Pilate describes Jesus as a man about thirty years old, with a serene impression, blue eyes, golden hair and beard that was quite a contrast between him and the people who were listening to him with their black beards and light brown skins.